Fish Peninsular Malaysia's best game fishing venues with experienced fishing guides aboard the country’s top performing charter boats. We specialise in custom tailored saltwater and freshwater sportfishing adventures in Malaysia. Our boats are based in Kuala Rompin, Pekan, Tioman Island and in Penang. We do both day trips and multi day live-aboard trips out of these destinations. 


Malaysia is blessed with fantastic sportsfishing destinations. Both the salt and fresh water fishing are world-class. Kuala Rompin and Pekan in Pahang state is widely recognised as having some of the best Sailfishing waters worldwide and offers outstanding action from May to November. The waters off Rompin and Pekan are a mecca for flyfisherman who wish to experience landing a Sailfish on a flyrod. Due to strict catch and release practices, the number of raised Sailfish per day in Rompin will probably be higher than anywhere else in the world. In addition to Rompin we guide fisherman in the waters off Tioman Island and Palau Perak - Penang for Giant Travelly, Black Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Cobia, Wahoo, Tuna, Queenfish, Groupers, Snappers, Narrow barred Spanish Mackerel and for many other hard fighting fish species. 

The Giant Snakehead is South East Asia's most popular fresh water sport fish, they grow big and fight hard. Malaysia is home to the biggest population of Giant Snakeheads in South East Asia. There are few unpressured Snakehead destinations remaining in Asia where you can fish for Giant Snakehead. We guide 3-6 day Snakehead fishing safaris to the protected Royal Belum area of Lake Temenggor. Peak season for Snakehead is from December to March but the fishing can be very good year-round.



Pekan is located 78 km north of Kuala Rompin on the South China Sea coast. The distance to Palau Brehala and the Sailfish grounds south and south east of Brehala Island, some of the best Sailfish fishing areas in Malaysia is closer to Pekan compared to from Kuala Rompin, another advantage with a Pekan departure is that it's easier to get to Pekan as you got daily flights to Kuantan airport (35 km north of Pekan) from Kuala Lumpur and from Singapore, there are also many excellent and inexpensive hotels in both Pekan and in Kuantan town.

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Palau Perak GT popper casting and jigging

Palau Perak or Perak Island west of Penang in the middle of the northern Malacca Strait  offers the best GT popper casting and jigging action in Penisular Malaysia. Palau Perak located in deep water also got very good bottom fishing for big Groupers, Snappers and other species. Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna, Dorado, Narrow barred Spanish Mackerel are other species often caught here. We do 3 day/2 night long trips to Palau Perak with departure from Penang Island. Palau Perak is protected from the southwest monsoon and the northeast monsoon from both Sumatra and from Penisular Malaysia and can be fished all year round.

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The seas east of Kuala Rompin, Malaysia are home to one of the largest aggregation of Sailfish found anywhere in the world. Tens of thousands of Sailfish feed on massive schools of baitfish between March and November. Calm seas, experienced crews and quality equipment have made Rompin a world class fishery. The waters off Rompin are also world-renowned for flyfisherman who wish to experience landing a Sailfish on a flyrod. The number of raised Sailfish per day here, will probably be higher than anywhere else in the world. Private charters starts from 615 USD per day.

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Lake Temenggor - a huge reservoir in Perak state offers some of the best Snakehead lure and fly fishing action in Malaysia. We do multi-day Snakehead fishing safaris to the protected Royal Belum area of Lake Temenggor.

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